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7th Grade Picture Page 2002


    Here are just some pictures of the 7th grade class at JRW during the 2001-2002 school year.



  Boys at the inquiry report presentation night.


Billy and Sojones working hard on the computers.






Hard at work in Goodman's class.


                                                                                                        Devon and Andy take time to look suprised.








Evan's enjoying the dance with students.



                                                                                Hey, what girl wouldn't  fall in love with a face like that.


Ratara tries to spike the ball but forgets which hand to use!


Here are a couple of cartoons created by Travis Tondy!!











Here is some poetry by Jamileh Taleb

Ain't it life when some one falls. Ain't it funny when someone tells a joke. Ain't it nice when you get a present. Ain't it cool when your just hanging out with your friends. Ain't it life.


If people don't care then they don't feel. If they don't feel then they don't love.  Then they must not be alice because a life without love is no life at all.


Friends are worth more than money. They are more than family. People say blood is thicker than water. But for some people water is all they have.  You can't go 3 days without water. You can't go 1 second without blood. Which one is worth more blood or water?

And some selected poems by Sidney Tran

I'm in a game where the game never stops. Were there is drama, laughter, tears, hate, kisses, and hugs.  The game is love, does it stop.  The game is you the game is me the game is everywhere.


You make me feel, You make me care. You let me be free. You let me run and see. Your everything I need and dream of.




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