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The Real Story of Jenny and the Beanstalk


Once upon a time there was a sweet little girl that was walking home from school. She was thinking about all the wonderful homework she was going to get to do which was  given to her by her wonderful teacher Mr. Goodbody.  Then along came a mean and nasty 8th grader, who we all know have a reputation for being a little sneaky.

He talked with her about cool music and how he had a deal of a lifetime. That's right, he convinced this little sweet girl that she should buy three magic beans he got from a magician who lived down the street. Well, being the nice sweet little girl that loved homework she bought the beans for 38 cents.  All she had saved her whole life!

When she got home, she planted the beans in a little pot and thought of the wonderful things that might grow. Little did she know that the mean old 8th grader whose name started with a D and ended with a J---sold her nothing but some old goldfish crackers that had the tails bit off.




When she work up in the morning, She looked and noticed a huge beanstalk growing from her living room, through the roof and up into the sky!




She always wanted to see what Stockton looked like from the sky.




So up she climbed. 

Up and up and up. 

Until she saw a castle 

in the clouds~


She explored for days, and finally found a creature that was an amazing sight. She found  a stuffed goose, that talked. So the little girl said, "What are you doing here!"

The Goose said, "I am a captive of the mean smelly giant! He keeps me here because I can lay golden eggs"

"Hey!" said the little girl, "Come with me and I will set you free."



            The goose agreed but made sure he would repay her kindness.




Then came a sound, a terrible sound, and then a smell of nasty smelly breath and a booming voice yelled.






The little girl looked up, hands on her hips, head bobbin like a crazy woman and said, "You best lower your voice you big fat giant! Do you be calling me no thief! The goose wants to leave and your not stopping us!" Then she put her fist in the air and shook it.

The giant laughed and it rocked the castle. "A little girl, you could not hurt me, I know giant-gitsu, I will break you with my bare hands!! HA HA HA!"

The girl shot up into the air and landed on the giants hair. She pulled two gray hairs out as the giant yelled. She then landed on the ground and rolled into a fighting position.









The little girl, she just ran up, just ran

strait up like it was nothing in the world to

smack a giant around his castle, and

POW right in the gut!





                                                                    That is when

                                                                     she got really








Suddenly she flipped

up into the air and landed

a mean right hook into

the Giants face. The giant fell

back, crying like a baby, and

ran up to his room.





In the end, the little girl climbed down the vine. The golden goose laid some golden eggs which the girl gave to her teacher as a Christmas gift, after she cashed a few and bought a castle of her own. Her and the goose lived happily ever after.