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Writing Your Bibliography


Inquiry Report Page: 

a) Creating a bibliography. 

b) Citing sources. 

c) Using quotes from another source.

d) Fill in the blanks bibliography for sources

e) text book examples

A) A Bibliography is the part of your inquiry report that tells the reader where you got your information. Any book, internet cite, magazine, or any other text that which gave you information that you used in your report must be included.  A good bibliography for a report like this has 4-5 entries minimum.

To make it simple I am going to give you two ways to cite your sources.  The first is for any text that is not online. The second is any online source.


Here is how you would cite a book or magazine.


Author Last Name, then first.(Date in Parenthesis). Title of work, underlined.               Location text was published: publisher.



 Calfee, R. C., & Valencia , R. R. (1991). APA guide to

            preparing manuscripts for journal publication. Washington , DC :

  American Psychological Association.


Here is how you would cite anything you found online:

Author or site name. [Online] Date of download (day, month year) URL




U.S. Census Bureau. "American FactFinder: Facts About My Community." [Online] 30 November 1999 . <>.

B) Citing sources--many times information from one source is hard to change because it is so strait forward.  Whenever you present information that is from a specific source you must cite the source and the source must be in your bibliography.


George Washington was known for his courage and valor under fire.  He was known to stand in the line of fire commanding his men and giving encouragement to his troops.(Gallager, 250).

Here you see the author giving credit to another author and the page number the information was found on. You MUST cite in you report.

C) Quoting: Whenever you quote an author, and you should be quoting your sources, you need to cite the source. Give the author's name in parenthesis along with the page number.

            Jim Gallager states in his book General George that, " Washington was one to stand in front of a hail of bullets yelling to his men to stand fast, and make their fathers proud."(Gallager, 250).


Make sure you put in all periods, brackets, parenthesis, or any other punctuation mark.


On the web:

_____________________________________. "_____________________".

 author or organization hosting web site                           Title of webpage

           [Online] _____________. __________________________.

                                   Date(M/D/Y)                         URL: web address

A Book or other text:

_____________________________________. (____________). _________

            Author, Last Name, First.                                 Date of Publication          Title

          _______________________________. ____________,.___________.

            Title( must be underlined)                             CITY                 Publisher


E) Here is an example of a 7th Grade Textbook

Houghton Mifflin Company.(1991). Across the Centuries. Boston: Houghton Mifflin



A Good webpage that has all this information: